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There is very little known about Swami Digambarji.

He was born on October 28 1904.

He took sanyas at the age of 8. He was the first student of Swami Kuvalyanandaji.

Swamiji was an accomplished ayurvedacharya( ayurvedic expert), he was bestowed a title of Charak Teerthaa, which was a rarity at that time in India.

He was also an accomplish astrologer. He gave it all up as the path of yoga and the path of experience was the most important to him.

He became the the Spiritual Head, the Chairman and the Director of Kaivlayadham in 1966.

Swamiji always said, if ones practices of yoga, be it yogasana, pranayama or meditational techniques, and those practices do not lead to some kind of experience that change an individual deep inside, then one needs to check his practice and ensure that it is not merely a physical ritual.

Swamiji was a Bhakti Yogi ,a Gyan Yogi and a Sthiti Pragnya.

As per his instructions, he would leave his body only after certain rituals Homa (fire ceremony) were done. They were done on the 24 of June 1990 and Swamiji left his body at 4:30 AM on June 25ht 1990 with Sudhir by his side".