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Articles and translations


"Philosophy of Yoga" by Sri O.P. TIWARI – Fidhy Infos n° 13 January 1993

"Prânâyâma" by Swami KUVALAYANANDA – Published by Kaivalyadhama India


"Measures related to the V.A.T." Report for the teachers – Fidhy Infos, January 1993

"FIDHY Encounters" Why we create the first teachers yearly encounters for FIDHY members – Fidhy Infos, May 1993

"How to legally set up as a Yoga teacher" – Fidhy Infos, May 1993

"Kaivalyadhama, ultime liberation" At the beginning of the century, a pioneer opened practical Yoga up to the world… - Fidhy Infos, 1993

"To Jean-Louis BLARD’s friends" – Chen Men website 2000

"Impressions from Himalaya" – Infos Yoga, October/November, 2003

"Traditional Yoga and modern Yoga" – 2006

"Prânâyâma according to Swami Kuvalayananda" – La Revue de l’Inde, January/March 2007

"Spiritual benefits of Yoga are endless" – Indes Réunionnaises – April 2008

"Talks with Vijayananda" retranscription of talks between students and Vijayananda which took place at Kankhal, Himalaya – Jai Ma n° 99-100 2010