My first trip to Kaivalayadham has had a mesmerising impact on me….just cannot seem to let go of the feeling.

Tried to capture it in a few words as below :

Did I leave a part of my heart behind Or did I bring of part of Kdham with me ? I know not where the seven days went But I seem to find my mind wandering to it, now and then.

The lush green expanse, whisper of the trees, The perpetual pitter-patter of the rain, The occasional cool and gentle breeze, The little stream gurgling by the street, The fog that enveloped the mountains above. The humour of the teachers ; the smiles of the staff, The flurry of the students between their class. The aura of the yagna at Swami’s Kutir, The gentle humming of the mantras and The sweet music that played softly all along A rhythm of life in perfect synergy Blessed and protected by divine cosmic energy.

Kaivalayadham….a place for all Young and old, fit and infirm For seekers of peace and stillness Admist our busy, crowded world … to immerse in yoga … to cleanse the body … to rest the mind and … to search your soul.

-Ameeta Chatterjee (08.09.14) Visit to Kdham from 31st August to 6th Sep.