Traditional Yoga breathing

“Tasminsati svasaprasvasayorgati vicchedah pranayamah” Patanjali Yoga Sutra II-49

"In the mastered seated posture, controlled inhaling, exhaling and holding one’s breath are called Prânâyâma" Patanjali Yoga Sutra II – 49

Physiological breath concerns all the spaces between the nose and perineum in a cylindrical volume. These spaces are often insufficiently or not used at all, and hence not alive. Being aware of them is essential to our health and will be of precious help in Prânâyâma.

Natural breathing uses 5 % of our breathing capacity. It may nevertheless be free in its essence if all the spaces are brought into awareness.

Guided breathing explores our breathing capacity in greater depth and lets our breath gradually expand. This liberated breath in its duration can be brought to all the parts of our body and heal them.

Prânâyâmas themselves work on the body’s energies, gradually improving one’s health and transforming CITTA, our "filter" to the outside world.