Our approach

The YOGADHAMA SCHOOL is headed by Nathalie ANTHONY and guided by Sri O. P. TIWARI of theKAIVALYADHAMA Institute in India.

It teaches Indian Yoga culture and traditional Hatha Yoga practices as well as the scientific approach are they are passed on at Kaivalyadhama Lonavla.

Those practices remain faithful to the fundamental texts of Yoga : mainly "Yoga Sutra" by Patanjali, "Hatha Pradipika" by Svâtmârâma, "Gheranda Samhita".

The school equally teaches anatomical and physiological knowledge applied to Yoga. Specific attention is brought to a subtle exploration of the body and breathing leading to true self knowledge. This transmission uses Jacques THIEBAULT and Catherine ASHMORE’s teachings.


YOGADHAMA teaching occurs regularely on several locations : The Paris region, the Cevennes and Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye.


YOGADHAMA also offers residential study seminars on a regular basis and caters to specific demands in France or abroad, the teaching being given in French or in English.