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"Swami SIDDHESWARANANDA and his times", by the publishing house "Les Editions du Petit Véhicule".

"In March 1937, "the Parliament of Religions" was held in Calcutta. Among those present were Rabindranath TAGORE, Sir Francis YOUNGHUSBAND, Jean HERBERT, Joséphine MacLEOD. Messages from GANDHI, Romain ROLLAND, professors RENOU and DUPRAT were read out for the occasion. At the same time, in Belur Math, headquarters of the RAMAKRISHNA order, the decision was made to respond favorably to a request made by "Les Amis de la Pensée indienne" from the Sorbonne University in France. They had asked for someone to be sent to them in order to teach them about Indian philosophy. Swami SIDDHESWARANANDA was the chosen one."

This book is an extraordinary and rare compilation, it includes numerous photographs, texts, letters and articles, collected and put together by MIRA during her time with Swami SIDDHESWARANANDA in the Vedantic Gretz center that he founded. The book will be in 3 volumes, covering the life of this young swami from 1897 to 1957. He was a beautiful spiritual personality, a disciple of BRAHMANANDA and RAMANA MAHARSHI, who united his destiny to the one of his French followers. Swami was a philosopher, open and warm, he attracted numerous personalities , anonymous as well as well known. This insightful book follows the cultural and spiritual history of India and France over the years. Spiritual seekers will also find within these pages precious teachings in the letters written by Swami to his disciples.