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Jean-Louis BLARD

Jean-Louis BLARD was born on January 27, 1934.

He was one of the first Westerners to go to China – by boat at that time – with FAUBERT brothers and Charles LAVILLE-MERY to study Chinese medicine. He got a degree at the Chinese schools of Taipei and Honk-Kong. He was an osteopath, a masseur and a physical therapist. He devotedly and ceaselessly taught traditional Chinese wisdom and medicine.

He dedicated his life to healing people in his Epernay and Paris offices. He systematically founded his teaching and therapy on a regular personal daily practice. He equally taught Tai Chi Chuan to his students as a means of linking oneself to "the roots of Heaven".

As he was closely related to the earth and was practically-minded, he opened many people to the awareness of a peaceful inner space, a reflection of the "Whole" in which we all partake.

He died on December 31, 2003.