"Nathalie is an extraordinary teacher and guide for deep healing at all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. Her wisdom comes from a long, sincere personal yoga practice, extensive training and understanding of yoga asanas and anatomy, and finally her lived experience of intimate and compassionate connection with the body and soul. I do realize that she offers group classes, but I invite you to experience a private or semi-private workshop with her. I booked a 3-day semi-private together with a close friend. Each day, for 3 hours, we had expert guidance in pranayama, asana, and savasana. In that time, we had the luxury of being able to truly be fully present in the body, mind and breath. All asanas are based on somatic movement, so one is able to move slowly, with awareness to deeply release the muscles and the fascia that restrict physical movement and cause pain. In deeply releasing the physical body, the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves can also release and relax. Please do give yourself the gift of working with Nathalie ... you will not regret it." L.


"Nathalie’s vast knowledge of human anatomy enables her to teach each gesture with utmost precision and to convey a new, deep understanding of the gesture’s intention.

Nathalie’s unique way of "deconstructing" the postures step by step which draws attention to each muscle and fiber has enabled me to reconsider my practice towards the depth.

Nathalie also shared some mantras and spiritual anchors that have become indispensable for me. I’d like to thank her for her deep humanity and her wonderful and enriching approach.

After her workshops, I return to my practice with more confidence, feeling like a violin that has finally been tuned." N.


"A four day workshop discovering the body and its profoundness...

We gradually enter into our body exploring its matter in its innermost recesses, patiently, gently.

We breathe with and in our body, guided easily by Nathalie’s beautiful messages.

Then we go on to meet a posture slowly and attentively in a precise gesture, an exact placing which finally enables us to fully dedicate ourselves to our interior sensations.

We come out of all that renewed and re-balanced. In short, we are born again !

Thank you for this wonderful summer present !" E.


"This workshop was for me like a total immersion into yoga. At first I thought four hours of yoga would be long, but not at all, because this enables you to take time to settle into each posture. I had the impression of going on a long journey into my inner self… I really appreciated the way in which you guided us, as well as learning about the effect of the various postures on our organism." N.


“Taking part in a yoga workshop proposed by Nathalie, means taking time to reorient yourself, to make contact with your body and your mind. It is learning not to let yourself be invaded by the incessant flow of the mind, by letting yourself be guided gently by her voice and discovering the real joy of the here and now, sharing this letting-go with other participants, finding our deepest energy, together.

It is making a few more steps towards our personal development in total harmony. This is so precious ! Thanks to you." D.


"I hope you received lots of good energy waves after your workshop, because it is wonderful the way you teach us how to work in depth, which makes us present to ourselves, and at the same time links us to something bigger, so much greater than ourselves ! And I am very grateful to you for this !" S.


"THANK YOU once again for those wonderful moments !" G.


These workshops are an opportunity for us all to take more time to explore and dissect what we have experienced during the sessions.

This was my second annual workshop and I noticed that this year the effect and the awareness were lasting much longer than the previous year ; 10 days after, I had the impression that I still felt, in a discrete but deep way, the sensations received during the workshop or resulting from the different postures.

This sensation was then prolonged further in a more diffuse way.

When I practise yoga with Nathalie, I feel that I find what I have been searching for , over a long period of time, and perhaps since the beginning.

A form of honesty in the discovery, a form of patience and confidence in the capacity of practising with pleisure, some postures were litterally experienced as a totally delicious sensation.

There are several things in this teaching which I particularly appreciate :

The possibility of not being afraid to make a mistake, not to manage « to get there ».

The possibility of experiencing what comes out of it.

The surprise of sometimes experiencing sensations in the skeleton.

A very precise use of the language and a vocabulary which is always close to the meaning, and as exact as possible.

For me, it is the best teaching I have ever encountered in yoga.



"(...) This feedback comes straight from my heart.

I really appreciate your teaching skills and your way of seeing and helping us to find, without interference, the smallest detail which can be changed in order to progress : your hand which straightens a back which has unconsciously sagged, the awareness of the inhaling and exhaling muscles to lengthen the breathing, a half-bridge which is practised easily, as if by magic.

People say that teaching is a question of repetition and I realise that each of your « corrections » is inscribed for ever in my practice.

Your energy invested in clear and experienced teaching skills leaves its mark each time we meet and makes us want to learn even more.

Thank you." N.


"I have known Nathalie for 21 years. We were neighbours and very good friends, members of my family followed her teaching enthusiastically, but I wasn’t particularly attracted to Yoga. Even today, I don’t know anything more than what she has taught me. I don’t know why I came to her class for the first time. I was immediately impressed by her teaching skills and by her anatomical knowledge.

Generally, about twelve of us practise the postures, listening to her very precise indications. Surprisingly : thousands of times each of us has noticed, when faced with a difficulty, a joint which resists, a tension setting in, a feeling that the obstacle cannot be overcome. Then Nathalie explains, as if you were alone, as if she were in your skin. Gently, by insisting that each person works in their own rhythm, adapts as well as possible to how they feel on that day, by deeply respecting the messages received from their body. And it works…… We unfold, we are fulfilled, we discover spaces which we had never imagined.

Do you think that I am exagerating ? Try it !" M.


I have been one of Nathalie’s students since 1986 ( almost 30 years of working together !) First of all I attended her sessions every week at Fontenay, then regularly the workshops in Fontenay aux Roses, in the Cévennes or at St. Antoine. To explain this fidelity, inspite of the distance, I can say that the thing which immediately impressed me in Nathalie, was her deep knowledge of the human body ; with her, we learnt, in a very precise way, which part of the body is affected by each posture, and this is very helpful to perform the posutre in the right way. And lastly, during recent years, Nathalie has progressively introduced a fine practice of breathing. 

Her teaching, very respectful of each person, has constantly developed towards more depth and simplicity.

So, thanks to her teaching, we have the happy feeling of always being evolving on the path." A.


"Thank you for your generous sharing of wisdom and knowledge of Yoga. It has been a deeply beneficial workshop. With great respect and love." L.