My friend, Dr Geeta RADHADRISHNA sent me two beautiful poems on Yoga : "Yoga a way of life" and "In praise of Sage Patanjali". Read them at the end of this article !


All people interested in the philosophy of Saivism can avail of the book.

A book that brings out the auspicious and dynamic aspects of Lord Siva.

The author covers a wide range of subjects like:

1. Siva Kavya – containing six poems: Ananda Siva Natanam, Nataräja - the dancing wonder, The dance of Siva-Sakti, When Pärvati dances, The dance of Mäya Mohini and Nartaki.

2. Siva Darsana – elaborating the six philosophies of Kashmir Saivism, Saiva Siddhanta, Pasupata Saivism, Vira Saivism, Siddha Siddhänta and Siva Advaita.

3. Siva Linga and the twelve Jyotirlingas of India.

4. Siva Nataraja the image and symbol of the iconographic Nataräja

5. Siva Rasa covering the aesthetic aspect of Satvikam, Bharata’s Natya Sastra, Rasa and Rasänubhava and the Philosophy of Siva sutras.

6. Siva Puräna elucidates the legends on Siva

7.Siva Stotra has six well known Stotras in Sanskrit with translation and transliteration : Siva Panchäksaram, Siva Shadaksaram, Lingästakam, Sivästakam, Däridra Dukha Dahana Stotra and Siva Mänasa Pooja.

8. Siva Mantra consists of Mrtyunjaya Mantra, Siva Sahasra Nämävalih - 1000 names of Siva for chanting, in Sanskrit and English and Pärvati Astottara Namavalih -108 chants of Siva-Sakti.

An introduction with ‘A Study of Vedic Rudra to Puranic Siva ‘by the noted scholar and writer - Sri V.Sivaramakrishnan’ marks the beginning of this exhaustive book.

Through “Ananda Siva Natanam – the blissful Dance of Siva” her eighth book, Dr. Geeta presents the rhythmic, joyous, cosmic dance of Siva.”

Published in January 2015 - Hard bound - 342 pages - Price - Rs 1500/-


Yoga – A way of life

Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna

Yoga is A way of life! To live a beautiful life, To live a meaningful life, To live a sublime way of life! 1

Yoga is The eight fold path - Path of awareness, Path of progress, Path of transformation! 2

Yoga is A will to change – Change for the better, Change for a noble cause, Change for a peaceful world! 3

Yoga is A living Science - Science of practical applications, Science of powerful experiments, Science of Truth! 4

Yoga is An art of living – Art of living a healthy life, Art of living a generous life, Art of living together in a friendly way! 5

Yoga is The compulsive Awareness Awareness of the passing thoughts Awareness of the spoken word Awareness of the daily actions! 6

Yoga is To be able to concentrate With a steady mind With a balanced mind With a tranquil state of mind! 7

Yoga is Management of the unceasing mind, Management of the unbridled mind Management of the unblushing mind Management of the uncanny mind! 8

Yoga is An encyclopedia of knowledge Knowledge of the body, Knowledge of the mind, Knowledge of the soul! 9

Yoga is Multi-faceted Multi-purpose Multi-tasking, Multi-dimensional! 10

19 -6-2015


In Praise of Sage Patanjali - The Grand Master of Yoga

Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna

My revered salutations to you! O! Sage Patanjali! My palms joined together in obeisance, Is never, ever tired, Or weary; To bow down before you! Again and again! Thousand, ten thousand times or even more!

I envisage Your magnificent form Your beautiful face sparkling like a brilliant Sun, Your head like an illuminated crown, Your hair crowned like a beehive, Your forehead shining like a moon, Your brows filled with compassion, Your eyes charming like the exotic petals of a pink lotus, Your ears shaped like the sacred ‘bilva’ leaves, Your nose so majestic and regal, Your rosy cheeks like a radiant rose, Your chin so firm of tremendous strength and will power!

I have heard and read Of your miraculous birth As the wise Patanjali! How you fell on your mother’s cupped hands As she prayed for a brilliant son, Looking up to ‘Surya’ - the Sun God While bathing in the river, Praying for a miraculous boon!

The Sun-God mighty pleased With your mother’s ardent prayers Dropped a tiny snake into her open palms - Quickly, with astonishing speed, The snake transforming and assuming, The form of a beautiful baby boy! The little boy was an incarnation Of the wise serpent -Ananta Sesha- On whose lap Lord Vishnu - the protector of this world Reclines in deep slumber! What an amazing gift to the chaste mother Gonika- A dream come true!

O! Wonder of wonders, Sage Patanjali! The Grand Master of Yoga Wisdom incarnate! You are a seer shrouded in mystery, Yet, I have a secret vision of you, So crystal clear and Spell binding!

Gonika recognised her son as an invaluable jewel Who would bestow on the mankind, Incredible wealth of learning, To live with lofty thoughts and To make life an exquisite piece of art. Patanjali got trained to become An unmatched master of intricate techniques Of the human mind! Endowed with an exceptional body - supple and elastic, That could turn and twist to any shape or size- He became the undisputed Emperor of the Asanas – the postures perfect!

You are the greatest philosopher ever, The creator of Ashtanga Marga Yoga . You have scanned the innermost layers Of the human mind with pin-pointed accuracy! You created and exposed The Yoga Sutras Of atomic strength, Of powerful words – precise and concise!

But that’s not all – you are an expert In Sanskrit grammar, In Ayurveda-the science and secret Of good health and joy! How wonderful! So many attributes in one So pure and perfect! How can I not think of you, And visualise your splendid form, As a reflection of a beautiful soul! The Yoga teachings are carried forward, Tried and tested through the centuries, And still live like a fresh blossom

My revered salutations to you! O! Maharshi Patanjali! My palms joined together in ‘Anjali’, Is never, ever tired, Or weary; To bow down before you! Again and again! Thousand, ten thousand times or even more!

26 June 2015