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The lineage


Testimonial of Catherine ASHMORE : "Thank you Jacques"

"I worked with Jacques Thiebault during 18 years. I owe him a lot. His teaching remains alive in all the cells of my body. To this day, I am still discovering the wealth of the Heritage he left us.

It comprises an alphabet of applied physiology. Therefore it is universal. He taught us foundations. However, the profound understanding of these foundations requires a certain accomplishment because their extreme precision and simplicity do not permit any arrangement with the truth.

The process of learning these foundations leads to a deep understanding through the experience of precise mobilization of muscles and articulations. The postures are constructed step by step, respecting the chronology of a specific muscular activity dictated by the body’s position, weight and areas of contact with the floor.

Getting up, sitting down, standing, walking, changing position… every movement we realize implies a dialogue with gravity. The position of minimal effort takes place when the vertical axe of the body leads to the centre of the earth. This position can reveal itself through a precise and tranquil execution. Beyond the technique it implies a dialogue with the areas of contact and a vigilant awareness of space.

Slowness and precision optimize the relationship between the body and the consciousness and allows the occurrence of a fine perception of sensations and their modifications. The shifting of the centre of gravity becomes perceptible. The possibility arises to adjust the moment, the duration and the intensity of the specific muscles used, and to allow the relaxation of useless contractions often reflex and parasite. All this internal space is treated with care in order to allow the practice to reach optimum balance.

These factors are also taken into account in the practice of breathing movements in order to sculpt the posture from within. The integration of all these elements creates a living unity.

Thank you dear Jacques, your Presence is tangible through everything you passed on to us."

Catherine Ashmore


Testimonial of Françoise TEILLAGORY :

"Far from being only postural and physical, Jacques’s teaching - if we pay special attention to it - drives us to other levels of being. We feel as if we were pushed by waves which both widen and deepen us. Each posture, when eventually well-built thanks to his precise guidance, and however difficult to achieve, rewards us with a feeling of inner freedom. Jacques has opened the way for each of us, his students, with optimal safety, giving us, if not all, at least most of the keys to an authentic practice. And whenever it became too difficult for us, he knew how to make us relax thanks to his sens of humour. He knew how to make us laugh, he was such a wonderful mime and mimic ! He has allowed me to live my own body in its divine dimension, which was that I was unknowingly searching for. Without him, my progress in Yoga could have lacked what now appears to me as essential. That’s why today, twenty years after his passage - I am still so grateful for his teaching, which remains inspiring everyday in my own practice and teaching. That’s why I keep on trying to transmit what he has given us."

Françoise Teillagory.