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Individual in-dwelling posttraining in South of France



Individual in-dwelling posttraining in Yoga with Nathalie ANTHONY

Nathalie offers individual stays  in the Cévennes with personal training and on-site accommodation.

These stays are meant for people who have already acquired the basic Yogic techniques. This primary acquisition can be gained in our workshops in the Cévennes or in Isère.

When we progress in the practices, we often realise that we have lost accuracy in our practices - Asanas, Pranayama - and we need to reconsider what we have learnt. Real efficiency of the Yogic practices cannot take place if the way of performing them is not proper.

Also it often happens that we wish going deeper into the practices. It should not be forgotten that the aim of Yoga is to expand consciousness, which is far away from what even good gymnastics can bring.

During a few days you will have the opportunity to devote all your time to the practice.


You will be hosted in a simple and old country house in an exceptional environment with positive energy, a natural setting enhanced by silence and wonderfully pure air.

Program will adjust to each individual and practices will be checked, corrected, analyzed and linked to the texts we study.

They will be supported by sattvic and simple food.

Teaching can approach :

- Asanas : Yogic specific postures
- Pranayama : Yogic specific breathing
- Kriyas, Yogic cleansing
- Mantras, recitations
- and the texts : Patanjali "Yoga Sutra"
- and Svatmaram "Hatha Pradipika".

Please send a CV and a covering letter.

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